Month: November 2023

Climate Change & The Ocean Is Rising Promoters Sure Love Multi-million Dollar Waterfront Properties, Superyachts and Private Jets

New Report: Government Data Shows Young People Dying of Cancer at ‘Explosive’ Rates, UK

Nutrient Found in Meat and Dairy Improves Cancer Defense.

The Facts Behind BLM and George Floyd Movement

New research Explains Why young Healthy Vaccinated people have new heart problems

Climate Change Science Is Settled…. Oh wait…. Peer reviewed research says otherwise

New Research Report: COVID-19 vaccine caused an estimated 17 million deaths (Updated)

Fauci-Run Montana Lab In Experimented With Coronavirus From Wuhan One Year Before Pandemic

UK Covid inquiry: Read the private WhatsApp messages from Boris Jonson. They knew it was all a lie

Health Canada, they work for Big Pharma. Now going after Natural Health Products

Some facts about health and food you were told that are 100% false propaganda

Germany, World leader in Green Energy initiatives and investments. How is it going?

Turbo Cancer after the Vaccine, never been seen before, Doctors testify to Senate (Updated)

Vitamin D & D3 is emerging as one of the most important health treatments.

Study Data Showed Vaccinated Kids Shed COVID Up to 3 Times Longer Than Unvaxed

SEPSIS, the number one cause of death in hospitals has a new cheap treatment

Simple Research Shows Extraordinary Effects WiFi has on living Things

Where has the Gluten Allergies come from?

New Documentary proves the Nightmare consequences of Wind Energy on the whale population.

New Research shows true cost of Electric Vehicles $17.33 per gallon, or CAD $6.32 per litre

Health Canada Confirms Undisclosed DNA Plasmid Contamination of COVID Vaccines

A Quick Overview of Climate Change talking Points and how Absurd they are

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