Climate Change

Are all the Bees really dying?

It’s official: the planet is getting greener, Thanks to Co2 and people (Updated 2024)

1982 Climate Emergency Report by CBS news and Their Experts Say Florida Will Be Underwater

Is the government using toxic chemicals to modify the weather?

What is a 15 minute city? (Updated 2024)

“Climate The Movie” – Watch it here for free. Once you see it, You Will Never Think The Same

Why Are Farmers All Over The World Under Attack By Governments?

Trudeau Gave the World Economic Forum Millions of Tax Dollars to Write A Report to push Carbon Taxes in Canada

The Sun, the star that keeps the earth warm but climate change promoters always ignore

Is Meat really bad for the planet? Here are the science, data and facts.

33 Climate change predictions the EXPERTS promoted that were 100% wrong over the past 50 years. (video)

What is A Social Credit System? (Updated 2024)

California Cloud seeding program is followed up by a major rain storm.

Climate Change & The Ocean Is Rising Promoters Sure Love Multi-million Dollar Waterfront Properties, Superyachts and Private Jets

Trudeau Spends $200 billion on ‘climate action’ — What Action?

Canada, USA and Global Co2 emissions are completely absorbed by plant life, here are the numbers

What causes forest fires…Climate change, humans or lighting? (Updated 2024)

Arctic Sea Ice Soars to Highest Level in 21 Years

The Elites Have Launched a Full Scale Attack on Farmers, the Ones That Grow our Food

WEF Says your coffee is killing the planet… what?

Climate Change Agenda is Only about money and control

Climate Change Science Is Settled…. Oh wait…. Peer reviewed research says otherwise

Germany, World leader in Green Energy initiatives and investments. How is it going?

New Research shows true cost of Electric Vehicles $17.33 per gallon, or CAD $6.32 per litre

A Quick Overview of Climate Change talking Points and how Absurd they are

The Massive Benefits of Fossil Fuels They Never Talk About

The U.N. and WEF are coming for your water

The last 50 Apocalyptic Predictions – The ‘Experts’ & Government Have Been wrong 100% of the time.

Trudeau sent Millions of Canadian Tax Dollars to the WEF For a Fraudulent Climate Report and Digital ID Program

There is Zero evidence that CO2 emissions are are warming the earth (video)

British Host calls out Climate Change scientist for propaganda

The Governments Own Temperature Data Contradicts the Climate Change Narrative

Are weather events getting worse? Here is the actual Data

Globalists & WEF pushing C40 Cities, Calling For Radical Changes To Your freedom… but not theirs.

We keep hearing about the 97% of scientists agree about climate change. Lets take a look!

Great Barrier Reef show highest coral cover seen in 36 years

Former Climate Change Expert Exposes That it is all motivated by funding

Before Climate Change the EXPERTS pushed the upcoming ICE AGE!

The earths temperature examined with Government data

An Inconvenient Truth: Polar Bear population is booming

The Antarctic Ice Shelf Has grown by over 5,305 Square KM between 2009 to 2019

Global Population Collapse is coming soon and nothing will stop it

India keeps getting colder? Huh?

Propaganda from the Elite Organizations and Mainstream Media is coordinated and powerful, ALL for their own gain and to our detriment

Climate Change Propaganda is everywhere, even in your weather report

50 years of predictions that the climate apocalypse is upon us

“The End Is Near” Scaremongers Have the Worst Track Record

Scientists Examine Arctic Ice Dating back to to Medieval Times and Further

Climate Change, who is promoting it and why (video)

Governments Climate EXPERTS Shockingly can not answer the most basic questions in Senate Hearing, regarding their narrative. (video)

Fact Check: Al Gore’s Climate change propaganda. Existing Data can not be changed, they have to lie (video)

Lets Look at Co2 and what its role is in our environment, Founder of Greenpeace examines the facts (video)

500 Climate Experts Put United Nations On Notice “There is NO Climate Emergency”

Are Carbon Levels really at a dangerous level?

All Climate Data Shows That The earth is not in any crisis whatsoever

the mainstream media and climate propaganda is amusing

The Truth About Global Warming And The Data

Government Caught Manipulating and Deleting Historical Temperatures That They Do Not Like

Global Warming: An MIT Scientist Explains The Facts

Watch Al Gore Cry The Sky Is Falling 30 years ago saying we only have 10 years left, Then Gets 100 million dollars from big oil

We Have Less Hurricanes Now than last 100 Years

Incoming Carbon Taxes and Worldwide Climate Lockdowns

The Earths Temperatures Over The Past 20,000 Years Tell An Interesting Story About Climate Change (NASA)

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