Canada, USA and Global Co2 emissions are completely absorbed by plant life, here are the numbers

Tree absorbs about 48 lbs of CO2 per year. USA has 228 billion trees. 228,000,000,000 x 48 = 10,944,000,000,000 (11 trillion) lbs of Co2 is absorbed annually by trees alone. Now this does not include all of the other vegetation that exists. The rest of the vegetation absorbs more than 4 trillion lbs of CO2 annually.

The USA only emits 14 trillion pounds of CO2 annually. All CO2 emissions are used as plant and tree food. Data Source:

Now if you just look at CO2 produced just by fossil fuels the numbers are ridiculous.

CO2 from fossil fuels produce only 5 billion lbs a year.

Yes you heard that right. Trees and plants absorb 15 trillion lbs and the USA only produces 5 billion lbs from fossil fuels

Canada is even more drastic, absorbing more than 14 times the CO2 emissions.

Is the Canadian Co2 narrative based on any facts or is it just based on feelings?

Canada comes in second with 318 billion trees, only next to Russia. Approximately 40% of its landmass is tree-covered, and this represents an impressive 30% of the global forest cover. Spruce trees are among the most abundant. Source:

Tree absorbs about 48 lbs of CO2 per year. 7.6 billion tones of CO2 are absorbed per year. Canada produces only 540 million tons per year.

Fact is Canada’s trees absorb more than 14 times our Co2 emissions.

USA trees absorb more than the total Co2 output of the USA.

Globally trees absorb more than two times the global Co2 emissions.

The Co2 narrative is a lie

Canada is the tiny line at the top. Even if Carbon was an issue, Canada is a tiny contributor.

Now to address the other TWO Co2 lies,

Lie #1: Co2 is bad for the planet

CO2 is oxygen for plants and trees, without it they die. In high volume greenhouse operations they depend on Co2 generators to increase crops.

Strange that the same government telling you Co2 is killing the earth, promotes Co2 use in agriculture.

Co2 is what makes the earth green and its getting greener. A quarter to half of Earth’s vegetated lands has shown significant greening over the last 35 years largely due to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. Source: NASA

This video shows the drastic improvement in pant growth by simply increasing the Co2 levels, something that all greenhouse growers do today.

Lie #2: Co2 causes the earth to warm.

It is literally the opposite. Read the articles below on the facts and science of Co2.

The Earths temperatures are constantly and perpetually changing. So when they say 97% of scientists agree the earths climate is changing, well they are right! See image below.

Now lets look at Co2 levels over past history.

Green is Co2 and Blue is Temperature. As you can see there is no relation at all between the two.

FACT: Carbon Levels Were Many Many Times Higher Before Humans Ever Even Existed, 7000 Ppm Down To Todays Level Of Only 400 Ppm.

The graph below shows global temperatures and carbon levels going back 600 million years. You can see that we are now at the lowest level of carbon in 600 million years. You can also see that temperature and carbon levels are not related whatsoever. Shocking isn’t it to see that we have all been lied to and in fact have been told the opposite of the facts.

Why would they lie?

All of the funding currently being handed out is to prove climate change, not to disprove it. So if you want to fund your university department, research or green initiative, you better be pro climate change!

Lets see what Patrick Moore, Founder of Greenpeace has to say…

Don’t get sucked into the government propaganda about climate change. It is all about more taxes, more control and less freedom. Be good to the planet and be happy.

Compare Canada’s carbon footprint to the rest of the world

Canada has some of the highest carbon taxes in the world, penalizing Canadians. Fact is Canada emits only about 1% of the the worlds carbon AND our trees consume multiple times more than we emit. You guessed it… It’s just a tax scam. Meanwhile China’s emissions continue to skyrocket every year, they pay ZERO carbon taxes.

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