Insiders expose government control of CBC & The organization is crumbling (Updated 2024)

UPDATED March 2024

UPDATED February 2024

September 7, 2023

CBC gets over 1.7 Billion dollars of taxpayer money every year, representing over 70% of its entire budget is given to them by the government. This is a government funded propaganda machine that would be out of business in one day without taxpayer money. And the CBC does not dare bite the hand that feeds it.

Rodney Palmer exposes the CBC’s manipulation of public opinion by using government-funded experts disguised as independent voices to push the agenda of the Trudeau Government.

At the National Citizens Inquiry in Ottawa this week, Rodney Palmer testified to the panel that it came as no surprise to him when, in mid-April, Elon Musk, through Twitter, labeled the CBC as government-funded media.

The CBC threw an immediate hissy-fit and paused its Twitter account. Editor-in-Chief Brodie Fenlon publicly disagreed with Musk. But, Says Palmer, “Musk had already done it for the BBC. He’d already done it for National Public Radio. And the CBC is government-funded media. It receives its funding from the government. So I wasn’t that surprised by it.”

Palmer would know government-funded media if he saw it. He worked for 20 years as a general assignment reporter for the Globe and Mail, as a daily news reporter at the Vancouver Sun, as a producer and investigative reporter for the CBC from 1996 to 2004, bureau chief for CTV News in India, Israel, and most recently China at the time of the SARS pandemic. 

In his defense of CBC’s independence, Fenlon wrote, “We are beholden to no one; we report without fear or favor. We act only in the public interest.” But for Palmer, this was pure fallacy. “I knew all of these to be false. When I read it, I was quite concerned about this,” Palmer told the NCI. In previous testimony to the NCI, Palmer spent an hour and a half telling panelists why he believes that the CBC has become a government propaganda machine. 

Listen to Justin Trudeau complain that his CBC propaganda bureau (78% government funded) and CTV (also govt funded) are collapsing as 73% of Canadians no longer trust the mainstream media and they are now “Conspiracy theorists and extremists”.

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