Month: February 2024

Canadian and global Embalmers are finding alarming, never seen before blood clots in the newly deceased (Updated 2024)

There is a repeating cycle of events for every empire in history, we are no different

Those soggy paper straws and Reusable Grocery Bags you hate are Toxic and worse than the plastic ones we used before (Updated 2024)

Covid Propaganda was the biggest Psyop in history, 5th Generation Warfare

The Facts Behind BLM and George Floyd Movement (Updated 2024)

Dr. Phil Talks about Covid Insanity, over reaching mandates, illegal immigration and more

Canada & Global Excess deaths Continue to skyrocket since vaccine rollout – Government data (Updated 2024)

What happened with Trumps New York Fraud Trial?

Insiders expose government control of CBC & The organization is crumbling (Updated 2024)

33 Climate change predictions the EXPERTS promoted that were 100% wrong over the past 50 years. (video)

What’s in our fast food?

Government Censorship is a Disease Rapidly Spreading To Democratic countries. The end of free speech is the end of democracy (Updated 2024)

The Ten Lies Of Covid-19 Debunked With Science & Data (Updated 2024)

Fauci Emails Released Show he Lied, Manipulated and funded the Wuhan Lab Research Where Outbreak Originated (Updated 2024)

UK Government Announces That Masks Had Zero Effectiveness – Confirming all mask science for past 80 years… That They Chose To Ignore

Japanese researchers have linked 201 different types of diseases to the side effects of COVID vaccines.

The Recycling Industry Exposed in undercover Investigation (updated 2024)

50% of inflation forced on us is from mega corporations simply demanding higher profits.

What is A Social Credit System? (Updated 2024)

Credible Sources say The Elites will fake an alien invasion to solidify global power, What do you think?

Brown University finds shocking effects of sugar on the brain

California Cloud seeding program is followed up by a major rain storm.

Mainstream media is failing because no one trusts them anymore. What happened?

Remember when “One death was too many”? Well now globally more people than ever are dying but no one is talking about it… Weird right?

Climate Change & The Ocean Is Rising Promoters Sure Love Multi-million Dollar Waterfront Properties, Superyachts and Private Jets

Trudeau Spends $200 billion on ‘climate action’ — What Action?

Canada, USA and Global Co2 emissions are completely absorbed by plant life, here are the numbers

Everything they told us about meat was a lie. Here is the science, data and facts.

Doctor Drew Says the Covid insanity has opened his eyes to how corrupt our Medical system and regulators are

Millions of illegal immigrants already crossed over the Southern border. What is happening?

The actions of a Sociopath, Trudeau Uses Children to keep up the lies

How Well Does Socialism work? A Brief history of Venezuela’s fall from Excellence

Why is the Ukraine War Happening?

What causes forest fires…Climate change, humans or lighting? (Updated 2024)

Liberals across Canada are jumping ship and refusing to Follow Trudeau’s Radical Authoritarian Regime

Turbo Cancer after the Vaccine, never been seen before, Doctors testify to Senate (Updated 2024)

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