What causes forest fires…Climate change, humans or lighting? (Updated 2024)

First of all most forest fires (over 90%) are caused by humans, either by mistake or on purpose. The rest are caused by lighting strikes. Secondly forest fires are on the decline. Unfortunately forest fire data only goes back to 1980 when they started to record them. So we do not have a very long timeline to analyze, but the climate alarmists sure love to blame forest fires on climate change!

Since 1980 the trend has been less fires every year. The below chart is from Environment Canada, the government.

Source: https://cwfis.cfs.nrcan.gc.ca/ha/nfdb

USA Statistics

For some reason, even though we have less fires the media coverage has skyrocketed!

Headlines read one way while the details are in the fine print. Seems everything is attributed to Climate Change nowadays! Most fires are caused by humans and the rest are by lighting strikes. As long as there has been forests, there have been forest fires. More and more fires are set by climate change activists who are unhappy with the fact that we have less fires now than ever.

“Tingley said – like most forest fires – were likely “human-caused,” as there were no lightning strikes in the area recently, though DNRR is investigating what the specific causes were.”

The department noted that most fires are caused by human activity and just five per cent by lightning strikes. In British Columbia, lightning and “a rare chance of other natural causes” are the root of 60 per cent of fires, compared to human activity starting around 40 per cent.

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