Month: December 2020

90% “COVID-19 Labelled Deaths” Had at Least One Other Cause

Internment Camps???

Lockdowns Were “A Grave Mistake”

CDC Data: Pneumonia or Covid?

New York Times: We Have Immune Systems

World Health Organization Pleads “STOP THE LOCKDOWNS”

$203 Million Misappropriated from Small Business Fund

WHO & Anthony Fauci: Asymptomatic transmission never drives outbreaks

Opioid & mental health deaths skyrocket

Risk of Death numbers Are In

Latest Numbers on How Deadly Covid-19 Is

Pfizer Chief Science Officer Shocking Statement

Canada’s Govt Doctors and Sex Advice

Masks, Hamsters & Humans

Vitamin D is the Best Defense

Top Doctor Talks About Lockdowns

UK Finds Covid-19 Test Problems

Petition to the Government of Canada Launched

Doctors Call for Better Vaccine Disclosure

Treatment Gets Interim Authorization by Health Canada

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. A Message for Freedom and Hope

Would Herd Immunity Save Lives?

Worldwide Deaths Charted

CDC Data Shows High Survival

Canada: Suspension of Charter rights

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