Month: October 2023

Possible Cancer Cure With Fenbendazole deserves more research some experts say

The Massive Benefits of Fossil Fuels They Never Talk About

DR McCullough Testifies About Deaths From Covid Vaccine

Leading Cardiac Journal Reports half of vaccinated Young Males that got Myocarditis have permanent heart damage

Who is excited for lab grown meat? Lets take a look at what it is

The U.N. and WEF are coming for your water

Health Canada Reports over 11,231 Serious Injuries from Covid Vaccine and 57,436 Adverse Events

Dr. Bonnie Henry – November judicial review to produce scientific evidence for Illegal Mandates

Dr. Drew Reports 7 Year Old Has Cardiac Arrest then Dies 8 days later after Pfizer Vaccine

Understanding the Health Risks of New Blood Clots

The last 50 Apocalyptic Predictions – The ‘Experts’ & Government Have Been wrong 100% of the time.

Triple Vaccinated have developed “AIDS” & are now 5.1x more likely to die of Covid-19 than the Unvaccinated, Govt of Canada Data

NASA Commissioned a Study on What Makes A Genius

Trudeau sent Millions of Canadian Tax Dollars to the WEF For a Fraudulent Climate Report and Digital ID Program

UK Health Department ONS Release 2023 Mortality Data Proving Unvaccinated Are Not Dying

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