Month: June 2023

Remember when everyone was against the vaccine and the FDA – then when Biden took over then they flipped

Blackrock and Vanguard, Every single person needs to know who they are and what they are doing (Updated)

New York Governor continues to pass laws for ability to lock people up at will, for whatever illness they deem dangerous

Testing finds Our water is laced with prescription drugs from urine

Lawyers Prepare For Nuremberg 2.0 Trials For Covid Perpetrators & Profiteers (UPDATED)

CDC confirms that COVID vaccinations increase risk of myocarditis by 13,200%

Big Pharma has no interest in Cancer cures only long term revenue generators. The harsh truth is sickening

Who is Klaus Schwab And the World Economic Forum?

Zuckerberg Interview: The Government Colluded with Facebook to censor and coverup Covid and vaccine facts

New Information Released: The vaccine was created, developed and manufactured by the NIH and the Military, not Pfizer and Moderna

Do we have more or less Global poverty than 50 years ago?

Trudeau knew about vaccine deaths, used propaganda to hide the deaths – new documents show

Ai and Robotics will create the “Useless Class” WEF Elites (video)

It’s official: the planet is getting greener, Thanks to Co2 and people

An Inconvenient Truth: Polar Bear population is booming

The Antarctic Ice Shelf Has grown by over 5,305 Square KM between 2009 to 2019

Global Population Collapse is coming soon and nothing will stop it

India keeps getting colder? Huh?

Sweden Was Right All Along. No Lockdowns saved lives (updated)

Propaganda and lies against Ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine Have now been exposed and it is shocking (Updated)

Which Energy is the Best? Wind, Solar, Nuclear, Oil, Gas?

Did Justin Trudeau Sign Multi-Million Dollar NDA To Cover Up Sexual Relations With A Minor?

FEDNOW Government Payment service explained and the terrifying surveillance abilities it gives the Government

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