Month: March 2024

Government Digital ID’s are they really just for your convenience and safety?

History has proven Printing money has massive and very real catastrophic results. This is what is coming…

The War On Cash is Here, Govt Digital Currency (CBDC) will be The Ultimate Control Mechanism (Updated 2024)

Insiders expose government control of CBC & The organization is crumbling (Updated 2024)

How foreigners Look At Trudeaus Canada

Oregano VS Amoxicillin – What works better?

Trudeau Gave the World Economic Forum Millions of Tax Dollars to Write A Report to push Carbon Taxes in Canada

The Facts on electric vehicles. (updated 2024)

CDC Presented 140 page report on Covid Vaccine and Myocarditis, Every Single page is redacted

77% Young Americans Are Unfit to Serve In Military

Blackrock owns everything but who owns Blackrock?

1100% increase in U.S. military deaths (Updated 2024)

Is Meat Really Unhealthy?

What are those spherical UFOs we keep seeing? Well it’s not aliens that’s for sure

Does The Vegan lifestyle save more animals?

Heart Disease, Cancer and other diseases looked at 150 years ago compared to today

The Sun, the star that keeps the earth warm but climate change promoters always ignore

Vaping, what are its health effects?

Secret recording caught Trudeau telling Public Safety Minister to ignore new changes preventing abusive and illegal use of Emergencies Act

The Truth About The Sun, Sunscreen and Seed Oils (Updated 2024)

Study shows Electric cars release MORE toxic emissions than gas-powered vehicles

Can renewables really power the planet? (video)

Is Meat really bad for the planet? Here are the science, data and facts.

Canada’s Censorship Bill C-63 – Welcome to the plot of Minority Report

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