The Sun, the star that keeps the earth warm but climate change promoters always ignore

It is strange that when it comes to warming or cooling of the earth, climate change enthusiasts always seem to ignore the big fire ball in the sky that keeps us all from freezing to death. It seems they think the sun is set a certain temperature and nothing ever changes! Well obviously that is only a fantasy.

The Sun is 109 times larger than Earth. 1.3 million Earth-sized planets could fit inside the Sun. The sun is a massive nuclear reaction that is constantly changing and erupting. For anyone to think that the sun does not effect the Earths temperatures would be comical.

Other Sun Myths – Earth orbits the sun, well kind of ….

The earth does orbit the Sun but not how we were told in school. And it is not a perfect orbit, it changes and even small changes can have massive effects here on earth. Just one more reason why the earth temperatures have always changed since the earth began.

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