Month: May 2023

The Ten Lies Of Covid-19 Debunked With Science & Data

The Covid Pandemic Investigated by Scooby Doo

Pfizer easily pushed and bullied countries globally to make billions. A totally corrupted system makes A Corporation more powerful than government

Who is behind the World Health Organization And What Are their Motives?

Former Blackrock Executive Exposes the Vaccine injuries & sudden deaths in those under 50

Doctor uses Artificial Intelligence, finds that most “covid deaths” were actually Bacterial Pneumonia deaths from ventilators

Did Covid Vaccines cause 36 million deaths?

World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab Have a Plan and It’s Evil

United Nations: ICIC Investigation finds a totally corrupted institution controlled by the elites and Oligarchs

Vaccine harming children at unprecedented rates

WOKE! What is it and what are their motives

The War On Cash is Here, Your Freedom has never been more at stake. Govt Digital Currency (CBDC) will be forced on us

Propaganda from the Elite Organizations and Mainstream Media is coordinated and powerful, ALL for their own gain and to our detriment

Medical Experts testify Gene alternation The Vaccine has caused

Global News Director, Anita Krishna, testifies about the relentless Covid lies and propaganda they disseminated

Bill Gates smiles as he talks about the next pandemic & Wall Street Journal reports about Affair With A Young Russian & Jeffrey Epstein

Pfizer & FDA knew Vaccine was causing stillbirth, 54% of Pregnant Women Experienced Adverse Events, 3 Days later they recommended it to pregnant woman

The truth about electric vehicles (updated)

The Latest Research on the MRNA Vaccine Explains What is Happening Inside the Body (video)

Cancer after the Vaccine reports are now common. This has never been seen before, Doctors testify to Senate (Updated)

SmartFresh, its on our fruits & Veggies even “organic” ones, is it safe?

Nattokinase may help remove spike proteins from the vaccinated

Mask-wearers are breathing in 35 to 80 times normal levels of toxic CO2

OB-GYN Group Took $11 Million From CDC to Push COVID Shots To Pregnant Women and babies

Climate Change Propaganda is everywhere, even in your weather report

Duram Report finds That FBI & DOJ was weaponized for political gain, This is dangerous territory for democracy

A shocking new study finds most people Lungs are Riddled With microplastics, commonly found in disposable masks

Pfizer Documents Show They knew the vaccine didn’t work, was causing Covid and was hurting people, Criminal

Wonder Why Corporations Are Pushing The Woke agenda so hard? Here is The Answer

Covid Propaganda was the biggest Psyop in history, 5th Generation Warfare

Pilots Experiencing Adverse Events and the Silencing of Doctors

How Lies and Propaganda turned Normal People into Tyrannical Haters

What is A Social Credit System?

Top 101 Ways to die, you will be surprised! (video)

FDA: Vaccines Don’t Have to Prevent Infection or Transmission

Climate Change & The Ocean Is Rising Promoters Sure Love Multi-million Dollar Waterfront Properties and Private Jets

73% Increase in Heart Attack Patients in Portugal

Greta Thunberg deletes 2018 tweet saying “world will end in 2023” after world does not end

50 years of predictions that the climate apocalypse is upon us

Censorship is a major threat to our democracy

“The End Is Near” Scaremongers Have the Worst Track Record

World Health Organization (WHO) Insider blows the Whistle on Vaccine Lies

Dr. Paul Marik Testifies in State Legislature 18,000,000 Americans have had Serious Adverse Events, CDC Data

The resurgence of Socialism in the young

33 Climate change predictions the EXPERTS promoted that were 100% wrong over the past 50 years. (video)

Thermography Equipment clearly Shows Massive Blood Clots in the Vaccinated. This is Terrifying. (video)

Robert F. Kennedy Defines the State of America

Porsche Replaces Gasoline with Air and Water – The New Fuel

The constant battle between Freedom and Tyranny. we Must Always Stand Guard

Hit By Lighting OR Blacks Shot By Police? Which is more likely? A Black Liberal investigates

Inside the Upcoming Economic Reset (video)

The Dark Side of the Vaccine Bussiness

EU Parliament Members discuss The Elites agenda of Digital IDs, 15 minute cities and Central Digital Currencies

Trudeau’s Tyranny and constant policy of dividing Canadians Makes him Canada’s Enemy #1

Stew Peters Destroys BBC Reporter with facts

Why do they Put so many incompetent politicians and bureaucrats in power?

Senator Ron Johnson Exposes Big Pharma Cartel

Dr Hassin Explains Why Doctors Worldwide have been quiet (Updated)

The Data Confirms the Vaccine and Mandates have created alarming excess deaths in the USA of over 800,000 people

Scientists Examine Arctic Ice Dating back to to Medieval Times and Further

Canadian and global Embalmers are finding alarming, never seen before blood clots in the newly deceased

WHO database now has over 5,000,000 Reported Adverse Events from the covid vaccine.

What is really happening in the Ukraine? (video)

What is the Mainstream media today and who owns it?

Covid Treatments analyzed for effectiveness, what is the key for them being approved

Did any data or science support vaccinating children? Data shows children died from vaccine

The earths temperature examined with public data

Canadian Blood Analyst talks about new anomalies (video)

Fauci Emails Released Show he Lied, Manipulated and funded the Wuhan Lab Research Where Outbreak Originated

A Single Tesla Battery Production Causes Pollution (CO2) Equivalent to 8 Years of Gas Engine Emissions, just the battery

New Pandemic: Athletes and Teens Dying Of Heart Attacks (Updated)

The worship of dictators runs in the Trudeau family, Alexander Sasha Trudeau Examined (video)

The Vaccine Coverup of side effects went right to the top, the vaccine was a scientific insult to the world (video)

The Green Battery Lie, Here are the facts (video)

Climate Change, who is promoting it and why (video)

The last 50 Apocalyptic Predictions – The ‘Experts’ & Media Have Been wrong 100% of the time.

When the Elites tell you they are doing something, you better believe them (video)

“The Journal Vaccine” publish Shocking analysis of Pfizer vaccine data. Worlds leading vaccine authority Sounds the alarm. (video)

HIV in Vaccine spike protein Explained (video)

Government Data confirms COVID Vaccinated Teens & Young Adults are 92% more likely to die than Unvaccinated

Justin Trudeau Pedophilia Trial for Sex with a minor revealed (video)

Nigeria Goes cashless and bans the dollar for a digital currency. See the nightmare unfold (video)

Doctors are not educated to recognize vaccine injuries for any vaccine (video)

Can Renewables really power the planet? (video)

There is Zero evidence that CO2 emissions are are warming the earth (video)

What is a 15 minute city? (video)

Fauci tries to cover his lies. Forgets we have the video. (video)

Ai and Robotics will create the “Useless Class” WEF Elites (video)

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