WOKE! What is it and what are their motives

WOKE is Divisive, Narcissistic, Exclusionary and Hateful. But most of all weakens those afflicted with it which explains why it is being pushed by government.

It is hard to govern a smart, strong and cohesive population. This is why since the begging of civilization governments whether elected or dictatorships have always been against the people not for them. Governments are designed to benefit those in power, not to benefit the people. Study history if you do not believe this.

Wokeness has infiltrated every industry, from the military to media to philanthropy. It has succeeded in spite of a lack of public support. Why? Because it is the elites that are pushing it, funding it and organizing it.

The woke movement on the surface started out confronting social injustice and structural racism back in the 1960’s but has gained it biggest popularity in the past 6 years. Ironic that it has peaked recently because these social issues were solved along time ago. Laws now protect minorities and now in fact with new inclusive programs everywhere, minorities are put ahead of others that are higher qualified purely based on their skin color or how they identify sexually. This also is Ironic because the movement has brought back discrimination. Hmmmm, doesn’t make sense really does it?

If anyone has any doubt that the Woke movement has weakened those afflicted with it, watch the video below and you may change your mind.

The Black Live Matter Movement was the WOKE biggest rallying cry and biggest so called success. Problem was, it was all based on lies and propaganda. Floyd was touted as an innocent black man murdered by police. Lets look at the facts.

“What is not being told is the violent criminal history of George Floyd. The media will not air this,” police union president Bob Kroll.

Floyd was stopped by police or charged at least 19 times in his adult life. Floyd had landed five years behind bars in 2009 for an assault and robbery (home invasion) two years earlier, and before that, had been convicted of charges ranging from theft with a firearm to drugs. According to Daily Mail (UK), the court report mentions that the victim (a pregnant woman) identified George as the criminal, tallest of all the robbers, who pressed a pistol to her stomach and forced his way into the house. George Floyd’s height was 6 foot 6 inches.

‘This large suspect (Floyd) then proceeded to search the residence while another armed suspect guarded the complainant, who was struck in the head and sides by this second armed suspect with his pistol while she (pregnant) screamed for help.’

George Floyd’s criminal record includes 5 convictions related to theft, possession, and trade of coke. Floyd was arrested five times in 20 years.

George pledged to lead a better life after he shifted to the new city. In his initial days, Floyd, 46 Years Old African-American, found a job as a bouncer at a local restaurant in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Minnesota. He made attempts to change his behaviors, a recent video shows Floyd encouraged children and teenagers to stop the ‘gun violence’.

At the time of his arrest for trying to pass counterfeit money, he allegedly dropped a white bag onto the sidewalk. The white bag is believed to have contained cocaine or some illegal drug. It’s not a part of George Floyd’s Criminal Records.

Hennepin County medical examiners released the toxicology report on June 2nd, 2020 which stated that George Floyd was indeed intoxicated with Fentanyl, Methamphetamine, and traces of cannabinoids and morphine at the time of his death.

George Floyd had a lethal level of Fentanyl in his system. He had an enlarged heart with a 75% blockage or one artery and 90% of another. He had pulmonary edema at autopsy (sign of OD and/or cardiac event) and from the bodycam footage he had foam coming out of his mouth (another indicator of OD).

Floyd suffered from severe heart diseases. Dr. Gregory David, a medical examiner of Jefferson County, Alabama said “He has some underlying conditions,” which meant he would not do well under stress.

Floyd was brutally killed by Derek Chauvin in the broad daylight when the former Police Officer pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes continuously. This inhumane act sparked outrage among the entire nation, protesters are expressing strong disagreement with current police norms all over the country.

Here is the other side of this story:

There were no indications of asphyxia or strangulation at autopsy and Baker didn’t even mention “neck compression” at all until he was contacted by the retired DC medical Examiner who threatened him with a scathing OpEd in WaPo if he didn’t change his findings to include the neck (notice how he was careful not to say asphyxia or strangulation, because he knew his findings didn’t support that.)

Baker testified at trial that Chauvin’s knee was not in a location that could have occluded his carotid arteries or impaired his airway and that his knee was more on the back of his neck/upper back. Floyd said he couldn’t breathe 14 times and “I’m going down” 6 times before the officers were ever on him. The other ME’s that testified didn’t base their findings on autopsy, but rather from the video and were paid for by the family. Now to some basic anatomy.

The Carotid arteries are anterior to the SCM muscles which are the strong muscles on the side of your neck that become more prominent when your head is turned. Your trachea is at the central front of your neck. If you review all the footage, Chauvin’s Knee is not in a position to occlude the arteries or obstruct Floyd’s airway. His knee is in essentially the same place a back squatter would place a bar loaded with several hundred pounds. Also given Chauvin’s body position and weight distribution, it would be impossible for him to apply much of his weight to Floyd (try it for yourself with your knee on a tightly rolled towel).

Most people did not know that he was a lifelong criminal and very important fact that the cop and him knew each other, and in fact worked together at the same bar. This was not a random interaction, they knew each other. This does not excuse what the cop did but it does not align with the BLM cry that cops are killing all the black men.

For that matter nor does the data on police killings. But facts didn’t matter, it was all based on feelings. By the way, Timothy Coffman, a white man, was murdered in 2018 by a Florida police officer when he put his knee on the suspects neck until he was dead. And white man, Tony Timpa was killed the same way in 2016 by police in Dallas. A hispanic man, Angel Hernandez in San Diego was killed in 2021.

So we definitely have a police brutality problem that needs to be dealt with, but it is not focused on black people exclusively.

The media completely ignored the facts and ran with THEY ARE KILLING ALL THE BLACK PEOPLE. This incited huge riots across America.

Lets deal with the actual problem… police Brutality!!!

A further issue that needs to be addressed is not systemic racism or white privilege. It is that millions of black children (64%) are growing up fatherless and resorting to crime as a last resort, which is no excuse, but just an observation.

We also need the media to be honest and factual, very doubtful in todays world though.

Below are the actual Violent crime statistics and they tell a very different story

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics National Victimization 2018

Now the organizers of BLM raised over $90,000,000. So where did the money go? I’m sure to help poor black people right?

Just looking at the facts of the BLM movement, it is clear to see that the Woke BLM movement was based on feelings not facts and that its organizers had their own motives, all were to benefit themselves. From the media to the government to the organizers, none of it was to help black people.

So when the next woke movement pops up, take a moment to look at what is really going on, do not trust the media propaganda.

The article below explains why big corporation are pushing the WOKE message. It is very eye opening.

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