WOKE! What is it and what are their motives

WOKE is Divisive, Narcissistic, Exclusionary and Hateful. But most of all weakens those afflicted with it which explains why it is being pushed by government.

It is hard to govern a smart, strong and cohesive population. This is why since the begging of civilization governments whether elected or dictatorships have always been against the people not for them. Governments are designed to benefit those in power, not to benefit the people. Study history if you do not believe this.

Wokeness has infiltrated every industry, from the military to media to philanthropy. It has succeeded in spite of a lack of public support. Why? Because it is the elites that are pushing it, funding it and organizing it.

Wokeness is a fusion of the critical theory school of neo-Marxism, which is a form of identity politics, and radical activism that has a very particular worldview that separates the world into liberationists versus oppressors or oppressed versus oppressors.

In other words, the truth is malleable, based on power and who drives the narrative of what truth really is. In effect, the truth is replaced by my truth.

The woke movement on the surface started out confronting social injustice and structural racism back in the 1960’s but has gained it biggest popularity in the past 6 years. Ironic that it has peaked recently because these social issues were solved along time ago. Laws now protect minorities and now in fact with new inclusive programs everywhere, minorities are put ahead of others that are higher qualified purely based on their skin color or how they identify sexually. This also is Ironic because the movement has brought back discrimination. Hmmmm, doesn’t make sense really does it?

If anyone has any doubt that the Woke movement has weakened those afflicted with it, watch the video below and you may change your mind.

Using propaganda to change cultural views is nothing new, the Nazis did it better than anyone and it’s happening again right now.

The article below explains why big corporation are pushing the WOKE message. It is very eye opening.

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