Month: May 2024

US Government manipulating the Inflation numbers

Was Lyme disease made by the military?

Millions of illegal immigrants already crossed over the Southern border. What is happening & Can they vote? (Updated May 2024)

Vaccine Injuries differ greatly with different batches called “Hot Lots” or “Bad Batches” (Updated 2024)

Ai and Robotics will take 40% of jobs by 2035. WEF Elites say you will become the “Useless Class” (Updated 2024)

Three years too late… the covid Vaccine narrative is falling apart (Updated)

Canada’s Biggest Fake News Story in History Exposed all as a lie

Multiple Sclerosis May have a surprising cause

The 2030 Agenda Explained (video)

What’s happening with Trumps Trials?

Self-Replicating Nanobots In Humans. What!?

Another day another 8 BILLION DOLLAR Trudeau SCAM

Canadian and global Embalmers are finding alarming, never seen before blood clots in the newly deceased (Updated May 2024)

Co2 Tax is Pushing International Investment in Canada Away. Canada drops from USA’s #1 trading partner to 3rd place

AstraZeneca withdraws Covid vaccine worldwide after admitting it can cause Fatal blood clots

Propaganda and lies against Ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine Have now been exposed and it is shocking (Updated 2024)

Even Covid fanatics like CNN’s Cuomo are now exposing the vaccine nightmares unleashed on the world

Never forget the two years when the Flu completely disappeared for first time in history

Impossible vegan burgers raise your risk of diabetes and heart disease; a new study finds that real meat is better for you

Conspiracy Theories: Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t kill himself and he is Alive. Let’s examine them

How is Canada Doing Under Trudeau? Lets Look at the Statistics. Oh Boy…

Old News Clip Of CBS Reporting on Medical System Corrupted by Big Pharma, before they bought the media

Former Blackrock Executive Exposes Excess deaths in those under 40 No One will Talk About (Updated 2024)

Who do you trust more… The Science or the Money? The same people creating vaccine mandates made over 400 million on their mandates.

Trudeau government paid surveillance company to spy on Canadians

Leading Oncologist Demands FDA Recall of Covid Jabs Due to Increasing Rate of Cancer Among Vaccinated

It’s official: the planet is getting greener, Thanks to Co2 and people (Updated 2024)

Antarctica, the Only Continent It Is Illegal to fly over and to explore

Co-Founder Of WEF Son Calls for Arrest of WEF Officials and latest Shocking numbers on Vaccine injuries

Trudeaus Relentless Actions to Sabotage Canada, Stakeholder Capitalism And WEF pushing global Carbon Tax

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