Did the NSA create Bitcoin?

Who invented Bitcoin, and how? The author of the Bitcoin Whitepaper, the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, has never been identified. Numerous theories have been proposed about who invented Bitcoin since 2009. Some even believe it was made by the NSA. Well looks like they were right.

In 1996, the US government (National Security Agency) released a white paper entitled, “How to make a mint: the cryptography of anonymous electronic cash.” Released by the National Security Agency Office of Information Security Research and Technology, this document basically explains how a government agency could create something like Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

Further, Bitcoin is built on a NSA SHA-256 hash function algorithm that was first published in 2001.

I encourage those interested to read the contents of the link below. This document was released during the dawn of the dot.com bubble before the technology existed to create such a currency. The NSA quickly realized that it could weaponize this technology to create a cashless society.

Here is the paper on the MIT University website:


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