Month: September 2023

The Origins of the term Fossil Fuel

Alberta government gets sued for illegal covid restrictions, mandates and shutdowns

There is Zero evidence that CO2 emissions are are warming the earth (video)

The revival of Socialism among the young in America, Fact is Socialism always fails

British Host calls out Climate Change scientist for propaganda

European Parliament hears testimony from Dr. Peter McCullough on the corruption of healthcare institutions by Big Pharma

Berkey Water Filter Gets Banned by the EPA after 25 years because it removes viruses. What?

The Governments Own Temperature Data Contradicts the Climate Change Narrative

Bill Gates funded company releases millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in the USA. WHAT?

breakfast and its very interesting origins from a propaganda expert

Canadian military loses over 10% of personnel to vaccine injuries

Elon Musk & Kevin O’Leary Call out Blackrock and its forcing Evil ESG agendas

Dr. Drew interviews Dr. Ryan Cole and discuss new blood clots never seen before

Are weather events getting worse? Here is the actual Data

What was the Spanish Flu and where did it come from?

Jaw-Dropping Discovery: CDC Data Reveals COVID Vaccine recipients more likely to die at a rate of 7% Per Jab Per Year

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