British Host calls out Climate Change scientist for propaganda

Three Typhoon Jets Landed Next to Thermometer When Britain’s ‘Record’ Temperature of 40.3°C Was Recorded.

At least three Typhoon fighter jets were landing at RAF Coningsby around the time when the brief U.K. temperature record was declared at 15:12 on July 19th last year from a measuring device situated halfway down the runway.

Following a Freedom of Information request, the Daily Sceptic has obtained portions of the log books of four pilots flying from the base that afternoon, casting considerable doubt on the record that made headlines around the world.

The pilots’ log books record three of the four Typhoons landing at 15:10, 15:15 and 15:15. However, … these log books round off all times to the nearest five minutes …

At 15:10, the temperature suddenly jumped by 0.6°C to hit the 40.3°C record at 15:12.

Within 60 seconds, the record temperature dropped back by 0.6°C. 

Here are the facts about the earths temperatures.

We are in a warming period and temperatures will increase slightly over the next few hundred years. We are coming out of a period called the Little Ice Age, See chart below.

We are in some of the coolest times of the past 10,000 years in fact. There is nothing we can do to stop these trends and they are not caused by human activity. Long before humans existed the planet has had drastic climate changes. But this narrative can take your money and your freedom away quite quickly.

Climate alarmists always start their measurements from 1850. WHY? Because that is the end of the little ice age and we have been warming ever since, ever slightly that is. About 0.6 degrees.

Why not go back 1000 years? Well the problem with that is that we have cooled a full degree since then. Or maybe we go back 3000 years….. OH Oh….. we have cooled almost 3 degrees since then.

How are you going to scare people with that information? Watch the video below.

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