Month: April 2024

Japanese Scientists find How MNRA Vaccine is causing cancer – Peer Reviewed study

Ivermectin, Can It Fight Cancer?

Researchers Discover That A Component of COVID mRNA Vaccines Suppresses Immune Response and Promotes the Growth of Cancer

Chinese Communist Survivor Goes Viral With Communist Socialism Facts

1982 Climate Emergency Report by CBS news and Their Experts Say Florida Will Be Underwater

Is the government using toxic chemicals to modify the weather?

“The Stepping Stone To Communism is Socialism” Vladimir Lenin

Renowned Japanese Doctor Releases 8 minute video exposing the Covid Vaccine atrocities

The Dark Side of the Vaccine Business (Updated 2024)

Duram Report finds That FBI & DOJ was weaponized for political gain, This is dangerous territory for democracy (Updated 2024)

What Is Bill Gates and his Foundation Up To Now

What is a 15 minute city? (Updated 2024)

Trudeau’s New Legislation Enables the Military To Turn On Canadians. It’s Getting Really Crazy Now

Who are the Rothschilds?

The West Has a Fake Food Problem

“Climate The Movie” – Watch it here for free. Once you see it, You Will Never Think The Same

Who Gets Cancelled says everything about who actually runs the world

The State Of Our food industry needs to be exposed

Marxism explained and how it is happening right in our faces

White House Coronavirus Taskforce Doctor Talks About Covid Lies

The Louisiana Senate adopts a bill prohibiting the UN, WHO, and WEF from having any state oversight

Why Are Farmers All Over The World Under Attack By Governments?

So What’s Behind the Government Banning Tik Tok? (updated)

Government Censorship is a Disease Rapidly Spreading To Democratic countries. The end of free speech is the end of democracy (Updated April 2024)

We live in a repeating cycle of 80 years. We are entering the fourth cycle.

FDA Caught lying by Federal Court about Ivermectin safety and Use (Updated 2024)

RCMP Attempt To Investigate Trudeau in Criminal Obstruction Case, Gets Blocked By Corrupt Liberals & NDP

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