Who Gets Cancelled says everything about who actually runs the world

In a world where Jeffery Epstein, Puff Daddy and Al-Qaeda do not get cancelled by social media and banks but Julian Assange, Russel brand and the Tate brothers do, says “the quite part out loud”. The word is controlled by very bad people who protect each other and cancel only those that threaten their power.

The mere accusations towards Russel Brand, Kanye West and the Tate brothers had them universally de-platformed and de-banked while actual criminals are not effected at all. Seems strange right? Well it is and it says a lot about the people in power. Kanye West with a net worth of $6 billion was not even safe from exercising his free speech.

Brands like Balenciaga dropping him, YES the same company that was using small children in sexual bondage in their ads, dropped him. Controversial Kanye West, did not commit any crime but because of his views was cancelled by, YouTube, Instagram, PayPal, Twitter, his Agency CA, Adidas, Skechers and his bank JP Morgan. Since when do banks drop clients for them exercising free speech? He wore a shirt saying “White Lives Matter” and the establishment went crazy!

Well free speech has been branded as HARMFUL CONTENT, as the Tate brothers found out. Harmful Content means anything the establishment doesn’t like. Traditional family values and gender roles is one of them. As banned as the Tate brother may be, they have continued to grow in popularity world wide with their positive message of being a man, family values, work hard and do not get caught up in the Matrix. Sure they say some controversial things, so what, its called free speech. Don’t listen to it if you do not like it.

The powers that run the world are telling you that words are worse than actual crimes like child molestation, blackmail, murder and sex trafficking. All of these things Epstein and P Diddy has been accused of.

Seems strange the largest most well known sex trafficker and child molester was never de-banked right? Oh what is this here…..

Yes the same JP Morgan that de-banked Kanye was Epstein banker. Starting to see a clear picture here?

Wonder why a bank would pay out a sex trafficker’s victims? How would they be involved? Seems weird? Because they wanted it to go away before their involvement would be exposed. Better to just pay them out to keep them quite.

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