Canada’s Censorship Bill C-63 – Welcome to the plot of Minority Report

In the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise, (John) works with the PreCrime police which stop crimes before they take place, with the help of three ‘PreCogs’ who can foresee crimes. Events ensue when John finds himself framed for a future murder. Well Canada which has been slipping further and further into a communist control nightmare under Trudeau has decided to implement this movie plot.

Arif Virani, the extremist minister of justice, has defended the C-63 online harms bill’s new ability to place someone under house arrest if it is believed that they may commit a hate crime in the future, even if they haven’t done so yet.

By the way, “the government” will decide what a hate crime is. Could be a simple as a difference in opinion & could also be a fact.

This is simply a censorship bill, as Canada already has multiple effective anti hate laws. According to the bill, the person may be forced to wear an electronic tag at the attorney general’s request or may be given a court order for house arrest.

Of course this is all “For Our Safety”, as all authoritarian rules are promoted. Because the scariest thing happening in Canada right now is words or thoughts that might hurt someone’s feelings.

Canada already has sweeping laws for online child porn, hate speech, etc. They are now just giving themselves the power to control how Canadians can use free speech with imprisonment even if they think you will do something you have not. What could go wrong?! This definitely will not be used for political means, to silence their opposition.

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