We live in a repeating cycle of 80 years. We are entering the fourth cycle.

The Fourth Turning is the final stage in the cyclical pattern identified by Strauss and Howe. It represents a period of crisis and transformation that arises approximately every 80 to 100 years. This turning is characterized by intense social upheaval, economic instability, and rising conflict. It often serves as a catalyst for profound changes, both positive and negative, in the fabric of society.

In this stage, society faces unprecedented challenges and must navigate through a time of great uncertainty. Institutions may be questioned, cultural values may be challenged, and long-standing norms may be upended. It is a period marked by both risks and opportunities, where the decisions made by individuals and society at large can shape the course of history.

One key aspect of the Fourth Turning is the clash between older generations and younger ones. Strauss and Howe highlight the recurring pattern of the Hero archetype emerging in times of crisis, representing the young generation’s response to the challenges of the era. The Hero generation is often seen as a force of change, pushing for new ideas and ideologies to address the prevailing crisis of the Fourth Turning.

Neil Howe, Author of “The Fourth Turning”

These cycles very much appear to lay out economic cycles also. The Below chart was done in 1872.

As you can see it predicted our economic cycles almost perfectly. Eye opening.

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