What is a 15 minute city? (Updated 2024)

This is not a far off idea, it is happening already. This is Scotland right now.


Canada is already promoting them across the country.

Of course the govt funded media is already telling you that “conspiracy theorists” are trying to taint this amazing idea. Remember when the told you that the lockdowns would not be only two weeks, then they locked us down for years? The media debunked that idea right away, and of course they were wrong. Scotland already is charging you to leave your neighborhood and so is New York.

May 3, 2023
Just one piece of the climate change agenda. They say its about the climate but really it is simply about control. Did any voters ask for this? They are setting up measures to control the population to prevent a rebellion with up coming hyper unemployment. Climate lockdowns are coming.

The protests have begun against this absurdity.

Here is what a 15 minute City looks like in action – China

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