Berkey Water Filter Gets Banned by the EPA after 25 years because it removes viruses. What?

Berkey water filters are regarded by many as some of the best filters money can buy, and several of Berkey’s products have been featured on Good Morning America, Martha Stewart, Food Network, Thrillist, Goop and Forbes. Berkey products, which have been on the market for a quarter century, became popular due to their gravity purifier and filtering elements that can remove hundreds of waterborne pathogens and contaminants.

Berkey’s products can “dramatically reduce bacteria like E. coli, Chlorine, Chloramines, Parasites, Fluoride, Heavy Metals, Inorganic Minerals, Trihalomethane (THMs), Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum Contaminants, Bisphenol-A (BPA), Perfluorochemicals (PFOAS), Herbicides & Pesticides, Protozoa, Inorganic minerals, VOCs, Petroleum products, Perfluorinated chemicals, Rust, Silt, Sediment, and even Radiological.”

Stuff you would think the EPA would be behind right?

The US Environmental Protection Agency unlawfully imposed pesticide registration requirements on Berkey water filters but not its knock-offs, according to a federal complaint filed by Berkey products.

After ignoring Berkey filters for decades, the EPA suddenly reversed its prior rules and determined that the water filters should be registered as a pesticide under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. The EPA says this is because the filters use silver to remove and kill viruses.

The EPA announced at the beginning of the COVID “pandemic” that they were considering reinterpreting their own regulations regarding water filters capable of removing viruses. Seems strange??

The decision to reclassify Berkey filters as a pesticide instead of a “pesticide device”, persecutes the market leader and may well cause actual damage to the American people who the EPA is supposed to be protecting.

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