Trudeau government paid surveillance company to spy on Canadians

Meltwater was awarded a contract by the Privy Council Office (PCO) for media relations and monitoring. Researcher Nya Pfannerstill found that the Trudeau government is spending millions of tax dollars on learning how to create better propaganda. Of course there is no way they would use your opinions agianst you.

Since Justin Trudeau took office as prime minister, the Trudeau Liberals have given millions of dollars to a for-profit social media monitoring firm. The federal government first inked a ten-thousand-dollar contract with Meltwater in 2014, though most of the specifics are still under seal.

To assist clients in “influencing the world” around them, they offer real-time social media monitoring and online “social listening” services.

A blog entry on Meltwater’s website states, “Every day, billions of conversations take place on social media: tweets, posts, comments, blogs, reviews, podcasts, and much more.”

“Would you not want to know that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was tweeting about your event if you were hosting one?” It is readable.

Canadian taxpayers awarded contracts totaling $1,877,390.30 to the tech company only last year. That’s just a small slice of how much this company has been paid to monitor social media, according to Andy Lee, a writer and researcher who first uncovered the steady stream of contracts dating back to July 2022.

“The first contract was signed in 2014, right after Justin Trudeau was elected to lead the Liberal Party of Canada, just before the 2015 Federal Election that saw him become Prime Minister,” she said.

You Are Being Watched like you live in China, north Korea or Russia

Users’ online data is not safe in Trudeau’s Canada. He is using it for political advertising and to influence elections in the country. The leader of a country which is roiled by all the crises in the world has money to swing election results in his favour. He can vouchsafe megabucks to Cambirdge Analytica’s Canadian cousin.

Cambridge Analytica- which set off a furore in the US, has a Canadian cousin. The consulting firm that came to prominence through the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal. It was started in 2013 as a subsidiary of a private intelligence company and a self-described “global election management agency.” But the firm saw its last days in the year 2018 owing to the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

However, Meltwater News, its Canadian cousin, is now committing the same error. What exactly is meltwater, and with whom are they most compatible? To assist clients in “influencing the world” around them, the company offers real-time social media monitoring and online “social listening” services.

What is social listening, exactly? It involves monitoring discussions and mentions of a particular topic on social media platforms, analyzing them, and making inferences about the best course of action. But as you can see, corporations and businesses are the main users of this service. However, why is it employed politically in Canada?

The reason for this is that Trudeau is aware of the unifying potential of internet media. A significant number of people are leaning conservative, and Trudeau’s every action is openly questioned online. And in order for the liberal champion to advance politically, it is now imperative that they devise some heinous plans to track people’s personal information. Trudeau therefore had a scheme: he would finance his liberal bot team.

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