Leading Oncologist Demands FDA Recall of Covid Jabs Due to Increasing Rate of Cancer Among Vaccinated

Angus Dalgleish, a well-known oncologist and professor who has studied HIV and cancer extensively, has pushed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to recall the Covid mRNA shots, which are “fundamentally flawed,” right away.

Prof. Dalgleish claims that because the modified mRNA containing N1-methyl-pseudouridine (m1Ψ) allows the mRNA to last in the body for “an indefinite period of time,” the Covid mRNA shots cause a “uncontrolled amount of spike protein production in the body.”

During his five years on the board of advisors for “the mRNA vaccine company,” Prof. Dalgleish clarified to Dr. John Campbell that the public was misinformed about the purpose of the shots.

“You should never use them [mRNA shots] in the general population as vaccines because they’re not,” said Prof. Dalgleish. “They should be completely banned!”

Furthermore, Prof. Dalgleish explains he believes the Covid shots are contributing to the explosive growth in rapid onset cancers around the world.

Three years after the roll-out, we now understand the spike protein inhibits the activity of tumor suppressor genes and interferes with BRCA, which keeps ovarian and breast cancer in check.

“Healthy, active tumor suppressor genes greatly reduce my chances of getting cancer,” said Dr. Campbell. “I want my tumor suppressor genes to be as active as possible.

The idea is, if the spike protein is going to inhibit the activity of these tumor suppressor genes, what is left to suppress the tumor?”

“Interfere with these things and the cancer pops out much earlier,” said Dr. Dalgleish, explaining the explosion of turbo cancer in young and healthy people. “That’s what I’m worried about.”

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