Never forget the two years when the Flu completely disappeared for first time in history

Dumbest time in human history. First the Flu got rebranded as Covid, then many decided the best course of action was to take a totally untested and experimental fake vaccine due to a 99.97% covid survival rate. The covid vaccine rollout was the most profitable business in human history. FACT!

Link to WHO data chart

One thing we are sure of is that the FDA and CDC was not motivated by cash payments!

Another thing that is for sure is that the new surge of global excess deaths definitely is not caused by the experimental covid jabs

Further… the new turbo cancers and shocking rise in regular cancers in young people are not caused from the jab either

Brand new massive blood clots being found in the vaccinated dead for sure not from the jab!

And last of all… FAUCI definitely did not fund the Wuhan Lab who created the covid virus, and did not do a massive cover up to hide what he had done. Including paying over $9 million to two scientists that were about to blow the whistle on him.

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