Climate Change Propaganda is everywhere, even in your weather report

The 9 Mega corporations that control 90% of the media we see all are pushing the Climate Change agenda, and sometimes we do not even see it. Why? Simple fact that fear, wars and pandemics are the most profitable events for the media.

Below you can see two weather reports one from 2017 and one from 2022. The new weather reports have turned the land from green to RED! Seems strange because the 2022 report has cooler temperatures. Why would they do this? Subliminal propaganda to reenforce their agenda, that the world is burning and hotter.

Fact is we have been on an 8 year cooling cycle, because the earths temperature has never remained stable at any time in history.

They have even invented new Scary names for weather! Lets look at them.

Polar Vortex! – It’s just when air from the poles is pushed down more than usual.

Atmospheric River! – Heavy rain also technically known as “raining cats and dogs”

Megafire! – That is a large forest fire, also been happening since long before humans.

Extreme Weather! – Its just weather.

Climate Refugees! – Extreme weather events have caused people to move around since the beginning of human existence. Further, animals have had to move around in times of drought or other weather events for even longer.

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