How Lies and Propaganda turned Normal People into Tyrannical Haters

During the 1940’s The Nazi government used lies and propaganda to create fear and hate against the Jewish people. What happened in 2021 to 2023 was no different. Some people were calling for the “unclean” unvaccinated to be put in to camps, wear visible labels on their clothes, to be put in work camps and were blamed for the loss of freedom to the vaccinated. The unvaxxed were even blamed for the vaccinated vaccine not working and the cause of the spread of covid.

In a matter of weeks constitutional civil and legal rights of people were completely ignored, that previously we thought could never be taken away. Global Nuremberg codes that were created to stop what the Nazis did to Jews in World War 2, were criminally ignored.

Now well into 2023 the truth has come out and it has now been proven that the vaccine did not prevent transmission, infection or hospitalizations. In fact it turns out that the vaccine was never even tested to see if it stopped transmission, Pfizer and the CDC just outright lied about it.

Recently data worldwide has been published showing excess deaths are at the highest rate on over 100 years, and not from covid. Tens of millions of adverse events have been reported to the CDC and WHO and an unknown number have died.

It is insane that the CDC, FDA and WHO are not conducting massive research data collection to assess the situation and to find cure for the unfortunate victims of the experimental vaccine.

Lets take a look back at what the brainwashed, bought by Pfizer and propaganda pushing media was saying…

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