Government Digital ID’s are they really just for your convenience and safety?

Whenever you hear the government that they are doing something “For Your “Safety” you can bet that it has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with control. For centuries governments with bad intentions have used the guise of safety to take away the peoples freedoms and independence.

Digital IDs sound great and convenient at first, until you look at the power you are giving to the government and how it can and will be used to control you in the future. Once implemented, as it has already been done in China, they can force you to use that identity to do even the mostly simple things. Entering a building, to go online, to purchase products, to buy food, to travel and other common daily activities. This data will be used to create a Social profile on you, also known as the Social Credit System that China currently operates. If your behavior is not what they like, the government will restrict what you can do, OR maybe you have used too many carbon credits. Well that trip you try to book will be denied.

If you protest against the government they can simply turn off your ID and your Government Digital currency to stop you. You will be helpless, unable to buy anything, travel or even go on the internet. Total government control over the people.

For those naïve people who will say “They would never do that”. Then, they need to not only study history but need to simply look at what’s happening right now globally. Oh yes they will do that.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 2035 will take away about 40% of jobs. Kai-Fu Lee a former Google executive stated to 60 Minutes: “In 15 years, that’s going to displace about 40 percent of the jobs in the world.

What happens when you have massive unemployment? You have a revolution. The people rise up and go after the Elites. The Elites know this and are working globally to gain control over the people in order to protect themselves.

With CBDC’s and Digital ID’s they will easily stop anyone who rises up against them. They can turn off your money and require ID for even the most basic of activities, of course your ID can be turned off also.

This is also why globally you are seeing dystopian censorship laws being pasted in previously free countries. They will need to control the media and social media narratives.

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