What is A Social Credit System? (Updated 2024)

Once just a “conspiracy theory”, social credit systems now already exist currently and most first world nations are about to implement them along side of digital IDs and govt digital currencies. All will be advertised as FOR YOUR SAFETY AND CONVIENENCE, but they are purely about total control over the people.

The government will track every penny you have and spend, they will track your consumption and assign carbon credits to them, they will control your spending when you reach your carbon credit limit. If you post something the government doesn’t like they can freeze your money or make it so you can only buy food with your govt currency.

The government will be able to control what you buy and where you buy it. You could be restricted to a 15 minute city or zone that you must stay within. When you try to buy a flight to Mexico you can be denied on the premise you have no carbon credits left. Private transactions will be history. Tax revenue will skyrocket as cash will be banned and every penny tracked and taxed.

Total government tyranny and control that you will be helpless to fight against.

No one asked for this but governments globally are rushing to push them through before the population understands what is happening.

These three new programs will end democracy and freedom as you know it. This is not an exaggeration. Fight back now.

Try charging your electric car in China if you are not following orders…

It already exists in the USA

Globally ESG scores for corporations already exist and force companies to follow the narrative or be punished.

The article below explains the ESG social score

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