77% Young Americans Are Unfit to Serve In Military

According to a recent Pentagon study, 77% of young Americans would require a waiver in order to be eligible for military service because they use drugs, are overweight, or have mental or physical health issues.

If there was ever a actual health emergency… this is it!

Anyone that believes the government cares about your health is a lot disillusioned. No they didn’t do all the crazy things for covid for your safety, they did it for their own benefit ($$$$). The population just keeps getting fatter eating the mega corporations fake food that makes them fatter and sicker, then sells them medications to mask the problem. I challenge anyone to prove this wrong.

A presentation slide presenting the results of the Pentagon’s 2020 Qualified Military Available Study, which was made available to Military.com, indicates a 6% rise from the most recent Department of Defense study from 2017, which indicated that 71% of Americans would not be able to serve in the military.

The survey, which looked at Americans between the ages of 17 and 24, stated that “when considering youth disqualified for one reason alone, the most prevalent disqualification rates are overweight (11%), drug and alcohol abuse (8%), and medical/physical health (7%).” The Office of Personnel and Readiness at the Pentagon carried out the investigation.

Mental health accounted for 4% of disqualifications, while aptitude, conduct or being a dependent accounted for 1% each. Most youth, 44%, were disqualified for multiple reasons.

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