Secret recording caught Trudeau telling Public Safety Minister to ignore new changes preventing abusive and illegal use of Emergencies Act

Canada wanna be dictator has proving once again he is a dangerous fascist who does not respect Canadian law or Canadians in general..

Trudeaus liberals have a favorite way to simply stop investigations into their own corruption, they simply vote to stop the inquiry.

A recent inquiry to find out how over $60,000,000 was spent on an app that should have cost no more than $200,000 has been in the works. This appear to be the worse case of government corrupting in Canadian history. It was a simple case of stealing money right in the open. It wasn’t a case of budget over runs, but simple theft.

On Wednesday, opposition parties united to pass a motion demanding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to recover all payments made to ArriveCan contractors and subcontractors who failed to perform any work.

The non-binding motion, led by Official Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre, was adopted with a vote of 170 to 149, facing opposition solely from the Liberals.

Clearly taxpayers should get ALL of their money back that was stolen, right? Well when that vote happened the Liberals were the ONLY ones voting “NO” for the stolen money being returned.

Politicians are running wild with no fear of retribution for blatant criminal behavior and acts. It is time to hold these criminals up and have them charged, just as you and I would be charged for the same crimes.

We need to educate politicians that they work for US, we do not work for them.

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