Health Canada Reports over 11,231 Serious Injuries from Covid Vaccine and 57,436 Adverse Events

Canada Reports to date about 53,000 deaths from covid. We all now know that over 70% of covid deaths were not from covid but from other causes, bringing the actual total to about 16,000 covid deaths. About the same as a bad flu season.

It has been proven and documented that only about 10% of injuries from any vaccine get reported. We have also seen recent testimony from doctors exposing the fact that when they try to report an injury they are stonewalled and even threatened.

Health Canada up to September 15, 2023 has recorded 57,436 vaccine injuries and 11,231 serious injuries from the covid vaccine.

These numbers further prove the vaccine is causing far more injuries than it is preventing. Remember those numbers are 90% higher, due to the lack or ability to report injuries.

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