Dr. Bonnie Henry – November judicial review to produce scientific evidence for Illegal Mandates

Dr. York Hsiang reports – 8000 healthcare workers in BC cannot work because of Bonnie Henry, but she is in the hot seat November 20

According to VGH vascular surgeon and UBC professor York Hsiang, Dr. Bonnie Henry will be required at a November judicial review to produce scientific evidence behind her draconian measures of preventing 8000 unvaccinated healthcare workers from employment in BC.

Dr. York Hsiang is a Vancouver vascular surgeon and one of the named plaintiffs in the petition requesting a judicial review of vaccine mandates in BC. In this podcast interview with Kid Carson, Dr. Hsiang describes how the petition questions the reasonableness of the vaccine mandates for healthcare workers now that the predominant spreading COVID-19 variant is Omicron. The PHO has failed to respond to FOI requests to provide the evidence that unvaccinated healthcare professionals can transmit the virus to other staff and patients to a greater degree than vaccinated staff. In addition, the PHO has failed to consider that evidence of natural immunity or periodic antigen testing could be alternatives to wide-sweeping mandates.

You can follow the Court case here: https://www.covidconstitutionalchallengebc.ca/court-documents/

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