Possible Cancer Cure With Fenbendazole deserves more research some experts say

Fenbendazole / Mebendazole / Benzimidazole are all different names for a fungicide drug that is more commonly associated with treating worms in animals. They are already clinically approved and have been found to possess previously unrecognized cytotoxicity towards malignant cells and as such are great anti-cancer candidates for lung and breast cancer in particular.

“Fenbendazole has at least 12 proven anti-cancer mechanisms in vitro and in vivo,” wrote cancer researcher.

What is Febendazole?

Febendazole, initially named Panacur, has been around since 1974.  It’s a medicine for pets and all types of animals.  It’s used to fight parasites in animals from dogs to seals.  Febendazole is noted to have no or minimal side-effects in animals.

How does Febendazole fight cancer?

Febendazole stopped cancer growth and its development.  Febendazole kept cancer from eating one of their favorite foods – sugar (glucose).  CANCER LOVES SUGAR.  There are other factors of Febendazole multi-role in killing cancer but in my humble opinion, taking away cancer’s food source is the main reason.

Are there any revealing studies on Febendazole to fight cancer?

Here are a couple studies that demonstrate GREAT HOPE to those poor souls afflicted with cancer(s) who have only conventional medicine (Chemo Therapy, Radiation Therapy, Surgery,…) to remedy their sickly cancer(s):

  • Year 2008: Back in 2008, researchers at John Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore conducted their own research with Febendazole complimented with vitamins.  The researchers were surprised at their findings – ‘significant inhibition of tumor growth.’
  • Year 2018: Indian scientist discovered that Febendazole can be used against cancer.
  • Year 2021: John Hopkins Medical study finds: Mebendazole Slows Pancreatic Cancer in Mice. Link here
  • Year 2022: Research published on HIH.gov – “Mebendazole prevents distant organ metastases in part by decreasing ITGβ4 expression and cancer stemness”. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36578038/

Joe Tippins Incredible Story

“So why are there no Fenbendazole clinical trials for cancer? The answer seems rather obvious: it’s very cheap, it’s safe, and it seems to be very effective. Fenbendazole is not going to make anyone rich, and in cancer treatments, that is a non-starter.”

MORE INFORMATION HERE: https://www.fenbenmed.com/2022/05/25/fenbendazole-papers-and-clinical-trials/

MORE ONFORMATION ON HOW IT IS TAKEN HERE: https://healingoracle.ch/2019/11/20/fenbendazole-mebendezole-have-been-clinically-proven-to-help-with-lung-breast-cancer/?fbclid=IwAR0c3BIkDFnP3nBm-iN-A6aUvfWCv_OAJzvYcTUV5ZGgOvQ6rv4kKPBtbxA

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