Who is excited for lab grown meat? Lets take a look at what it is

Get ready to lose your appetite.

So they are making this fake meat because it will save the planet right?

Current production methods of lab-grown meat could end up being way worse for the environment than beef farming, despite being touted as a sustainable alternative.

Their life-cycle assessment of current meat-growing processes – which has yet to be peer-reviewed – found cultured meat production could emit between four to 25 times more carbon dioxide per kilogram than regular beef and all its hidden costs, depending on the techniques used.

“This is an important conclusion given that investment dollars have specifically been allocated to this sector with the thesis that this product will be more environmentally friendly than beef,” UCD food scientist Derrick Risner and colleagues write in their paper.

“My concern would just be scaling this up too quickly and doing something harmful for the environment,” Risner elaborates.

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