Canada: Suspension of Charter rights

One of the prime ones is that Canada as a nation is broken and we can see that when fundamental mobility rights can easily be suspended at a whim. If people cannot travel freely throughout a nation, it is not a nation.

Love or hate the folks who created the Charter of Rights, they did entrench some fundamental rights within it which are essential in maintaining a functional nation.

Section 6 of the Charter is entirely dedicated to mobility rights. It guarantees the right of a citizen to move freely between provinces whether for residency or work.

This is an essential right for the population and economic balance of a nation not to mention for the sake of strong relationships between provinces.

Since the pandemic has begun, Atlantic provinces have been violating section 6 of the Charter of rights while nobody has batted an eye. Currently, the Premier of British Columbia has passed travel restrictions within thr province. The fact that this can and has been done coupled with the fact that most citizens and lawmakers truly do not care about the suspension of these rights demonstrates clearly just how dysfunctional Canada has become.

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