We keep hearing about the 97% of scientists agree about climate change. Lets take a look!

Lets look where this number came from. Because it seems very strange that this number has always remained the same. Funny that other parts of science never stay the same just this one!

When was the last time you heard that 97% of any group agreed on anything?

The more accurate number would be 100% of climate experts would say the climate is changing. WHY? Because the climate has always changed, it has never stayed the same for millions of years. It is always cooling and warming. No one can argue this.

But these natural changes have been weaponized for political and power gain. No one is not for us to be kind to our planet, we need to take care of it, but this climate narrative is all about money and control.

Climate change Expert explains how the scientific community functions, She was one of the founders of the movement.

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