Google’s deal with UN, WHO for new global CENSORSHIP tool has now launched

Google announced last week the release of a new censorship platform in partnership with globalist organizations like the United Nations and World Health Organization. They will decide what is true and what is not.

Google News Lab head LaToya Drake said Google has partnered with the UN, WHO, and other globalist organizations to develop new censorship tools she calls “Fact Check Tools” aimed at “improving information quality.”

The tech giant Google is rolling out a new censorship scheme that aims to stop all free speech everywhere in the world. LaToya Drake, Google’s News Lab head, revealed that her corporate employer’s new “Fact Check Tools” apparatus is all about “improving information quality.” Its stated purpose, according to one outside observer, is “to eliminate dissent on any topic Google selects.”

Google is the epitome of the Evil Big Brother

There are four main areas of concern where Google is devoting most of its censorship efforts:

  • Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) statistics and information
  • The World Bank
  • The FBI’s crime statistics
  • Climate Change
  • The World Economic Forum

Googles partners are the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), plus 71 PAGES of other partners listed in the fine print on this website.

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