What’s in our fast food?

There is no doubt that mass produced processed food has created a health emergency in the USA and Canada. Of course this actual emergency has been completely ignored by government. While the government sends billions to other countries and spends billions on fake pandemics, the real pandemic sits silent.

The top two killers in America are heart disease and cancer. And the number one cause is obesity and diet. Why is it not being addressed and billions being spent on a solution? Only a fool would believe the government cares about your health, they only care about who’s paying them.

Remember with Covid that “One death was too many”? Apparently the #1 killer today, “obesity” doesn’t matter.

Fact is the 9 companies that produce 90% of our food pay them to do nothing, not to mention BIG pharma who makes trillions on the medications that treat all of the health problems the food causes. If you think there are not people this evil then it is time you wake up to the new world of mega corporations.

8 Fast-Food Chains With the Most Toxic Food Packaging

Not only is the food toxic and unhealthy but what it comes in is also!

  • Nathan’s Famous bag for sides
  • CAVA’s kids meal tray
  • Chick-fil-A’s sandwich wrapper
  • Arby’s cookie bag
  • Burger King’s bag for sweet treats
  • Sweetgreen’s bread bag
  • McDonald’s fry bag
  • Taco Bell’s chip bag

Source: https://www.eatthis.com/news-restaurant-chains-toxic-food-packaging/

What is in the fake meat options?

A full scale attack on farmers globally is happening right now

Mega corporations want to control independent farmers, so they are trying to put them out of business.

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