Japanese researchers have linked 201 different types of diseases to the side effects of COVID vaccines.

According to Japanese researchers from the Tokyo University of Science, thousands of side effects “affecting every possible aspect of human pathology” have been found during their “shocking” systematic review of research papers on COVID-19 vaccines.

At a 93-minute press conference in Japan on January 11, a group of renowned medical experts called the Vaccine Issues Study Group presented their findings. The results came from a six-month study on the adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccinations. Long a vocal opponent of vaccines, Professor Emeritus Masanori Fukushima of Kyoto University claimed that the scope of the risks is “unprecedented” for medical interventions.

Some startling discoveries have been made after a thorough evaluation of the literature. Numerous studies have documented adverse reactions to vaccinations that have an impact on all facets of human pathology, ranging from psychiatry to ophthalmology,” the speaker stated.

For instance, the age-adjusted leukemia death rate has gone up. Furthermore, noteworthy discoveries have been made regarding ovarian, breast, and other cancers. According to Fukushima, there were likely more brain-related adverse events than had been discovered to date by the researchers. “Mental disorders, psychiatric symptoms, depression, mania, anxiety, came up in abundance, but it’s endless,” he stated.

Fukushima, who has 208 academic publications listed on ResearchGate, claimed that physicians who wish to raise the alarm discover that their message is repressed. He filed a lawsuit against the government last February, saying it was concealing the negative effects of vaccines.

“Japanese doctors are trying hard, but they face various obstructions,” Fukushima stated.

The responsible course of action, according to Tokyo University of Science professor Yasufumi Murakami, would be to stop giving out these vaccines. “It is evident what occurs when a human is given a toxic gene.” Before outlining the long-term risks, he stated, “There are cases that occur within one or two weeks after injection, but there are also many cases that appear after one or two years.”

“Failed vaccines are still being given out, and the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare is aware of them. Therefore, I want them to stop right away. And they don’t stop at all, even though I speak up in different places. Thus, one by one, we will publish the evidence in articles that are clearly presented.”

Murakami issued a warning that “with the current messenger-type vaccines, a significant amount of IgG4 is being induced.”

He claimed that this went beyond what is typically seen from a vaccination and could affect immune system processes. The researchers discovered that 3,071 papers on side effects contained information on 201 different disease types. Emeritus Professor Masayasu Inoue of Osaka City University School of Medicine stated that certain harms are well-documented and affect entire families.

“It is unprecedented in human history for a single vaccine to have this much literature out on it,” Masayasu said. “You will find diseases of the heart, kidney, thyroid, diabetes, liver, skin, eyes, blood, nerves, systemic diseases, brain, lungs.”

According to Fukushima, unlike most vaccines, the mRNA vaccine spreads throughout the body instead of being contained in the shoulder. It is unsure of its next move. He clarified that if it enters the bloodstream, it will travel to the kidneys, liver, and brain.

According to Fukushima, those promoting the safe and efficient message ought to return to school because they have disregarded a substantial amount of evidence. Fukushima stated, “With fragments of such knowledge, they exaggerate things and think they can get away with this.”

In all honesty, they should retake all of the biology courses from middle school through high school and university entrance exams. As I have stated previously, medicine is still in its infancy.”

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