Mainstream media is failing because no one trusts them anymore. What happened?

The biggest problem mainstream media has now is who is funding it. More and more governments are funding media outlets, making them propaganda arms of the government. Canada and the USA both now do this.

Listen to Justin Trudeau complain that his CBC propaganda bureau (78% government funded) and CTV (also govt funded) are collapsing as 73% of Canadians no longer trust the mainstream media and they are now “Conspiracy theorists and extremists”.

The other funders are large corporations like Pfizer and other big pharma companies. News programs and other shows do not go against their sponsors. So simply buy up all the media and you own them and that’s exactly what they did.

And people wonder why the CBC does not report truthfully about the federal government. They only exist because the are life support with tax payer dollars. Canadians pay them to exist and the CBC protects the government from the taxpayers with taxpayer money. How you like that!

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