WEF Says your coffee is killing the planet… what?

A cabal of malevolent globalists plotting their best course for taking over the world and controlling every aspect of our lives, and who will have us getting our protein from crickets in a matter of months. 

Wherever you land on that spectrum, WEF hasn’t done itself any favors by having Klaus Schwab as its leader, since he’s a cat on his lap and a stolen nuke away from the perfect Bond villain. And it certainly hasn’t helped convince us normies that they’ve got our best interests at heart when they release a video for their 2030 agenda that includes the promise, “You’ll own nothing and like it.” Plus their commitment to free expression for the rest of us has been, to put it mildly, less than encouraging.

Not to mention the fact that any time super rich and powerful people get together anywhere for any purpose, it doesn’t benefit anyone but themselves.

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