World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab Have a Plan and It’s Evil

Everyone should take this tyrant, Klaus Schwab, very seriously.

Does Klaus Schwab look like he has good plans for you? This ego maniac wants to control everything that you do. Looks like he has watched a lot of James Bond Films and is very familiar with the illuminati. If this egomaniacal’s outfit does not alarm you then his words will.

His top advisor and other WEF supporters, have publicly said we have too many people and have/will developed a “USELESS CLASS”. Wonder what plans they have for the useless class? Study history and you will easily see what has always happened, Genocide. Most likely though some sort of medical procedure or manufactured virus that they will have a working vaccine for.

Once these tyrants force government digital currencies on us they will completely control us. They will have the ability to freeze your money, restrict what you spend it on and track everything you do. If you speak out, they can simply turn off your money.

So The Narcissistic Psychopath Who Dresses Up Like A Star Wars Villain Wants To Tell You How To Live And Further Completely Control How You Live. What Could Go Wrong!!

The New World Order and its climate scam was all laid out in a book, you can buy it on Amazon. No joke.

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