Alberta Mistakenly Published Vaccine Data Showing Huge Spikes within 14 Days of Vaccination and Counting Vaccinated As Unvaccinated, then deleted it, but we have it.

Almost half of all COVID hospitalizations of the newly vaccinated occurred within 14 days which means they were treated as “unvaccinated” in the stats.

UPDATED February 7, 2022.

Original Article January 16, 2022.

But the other question is… Is Vaccination creating more cases, hospitalizations and deaths??? It sure appears that way!

The Alberta government sure didn’t like this data and immediately censored the page. But thanks to The Way Back Machine, nothing gets deleted from the Internet!!!

It is the damning charts at the very bottom of the page they deleted. Look for yourself.

The UN-censored page can be seen here:

The censored page can be seen here:

Fortunately, they inadvertently let us in on the magnitude of this duplicity by also publishing the time from dose to infection for each of the events, thereby allowing us to recalculate just how many events in the first 14 days were shifted from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated cohort.

Not only that but almost 80% of vaccinated hospitalizations occurred within 45 days.

In terms of vaccinated deaths, the duplicity is even more severe with almost 56% of deaths of the newly vaccinated occurring within 14 days and almost 90% within 45 days.

Lets look at the censored data

Just for the record, here is the full history of cases, annotated with the start of the mass vaccination campaign. Interesting right!? Why more cases after the vaccination campaign?

The articles below are evidence of why this is happening. Every person should understand what the vaccine does to your immune system, it is very bad.

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