Are Travelers a Source for Covid? Latest Data

Government published data shows travel is not where “covid cases” are originating from whatsoever. This weeks data enforces what all data has shown, Travel is not the problem. Red below shows cases from travel. You will have to squint to find the RED.


The government has created internment camps for some and forcing all other travelers to quarantine in hotels for 3 days at a cost of $2000 plus testing costs, followed by a at home quarantine of 2 weeks. This is purely a scare tacit to stop travel and not based on science, data or safety.

The government is trying to extend emergency status only to extend the extraordinary powers it has given itself.

The governments own published data proves that the travel bans and restrictions are not backed by anything. Why would they do this? There is only one reason travel has been banned and made so difficult that no one is traveling at present.

When you are trying to extend fear you can not have people traveling and posting pictures and videos from other parts not under lockdown. People living normal lives is a problem.

This would cause people to start to question and wonder why they are in lockdown when other places are not. And places like Florida and Texas are open and doing better than lockdowned states like California and New York.

Source: International Air Transport Association (IATA)

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