How To Brainwash A Population

How Communists, Fascists and Dictators control their people


1. Isolation.

2. Guilt (you might kill someone else).

3. Repetition of the lie on a daily basis.

4. Assault on personal identity (masks).

5. Us vs. Them (believers vs non-believers).

6. Do all the thinking for them.

7. Ask for an inch, take a mile.

8. Make a cause about something greater than themselves.

9. Be completely and utterly shameless.

10. Do not allow promoters of the opposition equal access to the media.

11. Label opposition as “conspiracy theory” and its promoters dismissed .

12. Criminalize the opposition by labeling it “hate speech”.

13. Punishment is the next step for those who question the prevailing

wisdom: ostracism, loss of employment, banning of their books, stiff

fines for expressing their views, death threats, physical violence, and


Can you recognize any of these in your life?

Brainwashing Techniques

Most of us associate brainwashing with covert Cold War spy operations and old black and white movies. But brainwashing techniques are used far more commonly than you would think, and in the modern day world.

The idea is to incept the seeds of doubt; if you want more clarification on this topic, just watch the movie Inception. The top players have been incepting ideas into the masses for millennia; it works brilliantly and the results are highly rewarding so this process is not going to stop soon. Once the seeds are sown, it is easy to use mass media to provide this seed with a nourishing environment and from seedling, this doubt grows into a massive tree.

In the guise of trying to provide individuals with information, the medias main goal is to brainwash individuals. One of the main ploys is misdirection; this technique revolves around the ploy of creating a mountain out of a molehill to redirect the masses focus. Sadly, this technique works like a charm. The two most effective Brainwashing institutions are public schools and the mass media

Brainwashing Techniques: Using paid experts to support a false narrative

This is another technique that works like a charm and it is blatantly used in the financial sector. Expert after expert spouts an opinion and often the opinions are in direct opposition to each other. The idea is twofold, first to load you with so much information that you don’t quite remember all the details. Secondly, the idea is to cover both ends of the story and when the outcome comes to pass, they make it look like that was the main outcome they were broadcasting all along. In other words, when it comes to the markets, the experts cover both ends of the game, therefore there is no way they can lose.

However, what the masses fail to understand is that they are guessing just like the crowd is, but the only difference is that they control the media, while the people in the crowd are nothing but passive observers, waiting to be taken for a ride.

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