Is The Pfizer Vaxx That is Available Approved? Nope, That’s a Different Vaxx, wait.. WHAT?

Here’s the Trick the FDA & Pfizer Pulled Over On Everyone.

Doctor Robert Malone is the inventor of the mRNA vaccine method

Pfizer has TWO Separate Vaccines – One that is being used now and another that has NEVER been used or even manufactured.

Currently Available Pfizer “COVID-19 Vaccine” – Still under Emergency Use Authorization -and has the liability shield, so they can not be sued.

The Pfizer vaxx that got approval is called “Comirnaty” – it does not have the liability shield, so they can be sued. This product has never been manufactured or distributed.

Do you really think they will release the approved vaccine that THEY CAN BE SUED FOR? Nope, they are just using the misinformation to make people think the current vaxx is approved. All a lie.

Interesting how the FDA and the media has not told anyone this at all? WHY???

So everyone thinks the vax they got is approved and that is a lie.

Any approval before clinical trials are finished is truly just a sham anyway. And those end in 2024. Even then that would be the fastest vaccine approval in history.

Here’s how they did it…..

Information on Robert Malone
Dr. Malone is an internationally recognized scientist and is the original inventor of mRNA Vaccination,
DNA Vaccination, and multiple non-viral DNA and RNA/mRNA delivery technologies. Dr. Malone holds
numerous fundamental domestic and foreign patents in the fields of gene delivery, delivery formulations,
and vaccines: including DNA and RNA/mRNA vaccines. His expertise includes virology, immunology,
molecular biology, pathology and pharmacology.

Here are some of Dr. Malones original break through research reports on mRNA

This body of work resulted in over 10 patents and numerous publications, yielding about 7000 citations for this work. The paper was the first showing data for DNA and RNA side by side for in-vivo (the first paper for in-vivo DNA):

Direct gene transfer into mouse muscle in vivo. Wolff JA, Malone RW, et al. Science. 1990;247(4949 Pt 1):1465-8. Cited in 4,750 articles, is the result of that work.

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