NEW REPORT: The Canadian Government and Media Worked Together to “Instill Fear” and Force Vaccines on the Public

The 5,000-page report explained in great detail how the government’s response to COVID-19 was wildly reckless, anti-scientific, and violated fundamental human rights.

The National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) report claims that the Canadian government and media instilled fear of the COVID-19 epidemic in the public while enacting policies to coerce people into receiving vaccinations under the threat of legal repercussions.

According to the study released on November 28, “the pandemic was a textbook case of the government and industry working together to subvert the democratic institutions and convince the citizens of the validity and truthfulness of a narrative that was objectively false from the start.”

The mainstream media, provincial administrations, and the federal government of Canada “started an information campaign designed to instill fear in the hearts of the citizens.”

Politicians pushed the idea that the restrictions preventing individuals from returning to their regular lives were the fault of the unvaccinated. COVID-19 vaccination recipients felt morally superior and justified in mocking those who didn’t “do the right thing.” Public humiliation evolved became a custom.
Through the media, the government disseminated ideas to the general public by framing them in a “particular way, using emotionally charged language, or by exploiting existing biases.” According to the NCI, this gave them the ability to affect how “people perceived events, individuals, or groups.”
The article uses the Freedom Convoy protests as an example, which were a series of protests by Canadian truckers against the government’s COVID-19 regulations, which affected truckers who worked between Canada and the United States.

The report states that the protestors for the Freedom Convoy “peacefully protested” against mandates.

“However, the government employed mainstream media to depict these individuals as aggressive, racist, and anarchists, endangering the lives of Ottawa residents,” the statement states.

The report claims that alternative viewpoints and dissident voices were silenced through the use of propaganda.

Government figures and the media both vilified opposing viewpoints. It was their intention to link anyone who refused to submit to the experimental injections with “Holocaust deniers” by labeling them as “science deniers” or “anti-vaxxers.” It says, “Many people succumbed to their dread of being labeled and kept quiet.

“Not discovered through testimony at the inquiry” was whether the media was “state-controlled” during the pandemic or if they just accepted the government’s explanations and started repeating them without question. The report indicates that a more thorough inquiry of the problem is required.
“However, the government’s collaboration with the media during this period resulted in a propaganda and terrorist campaign that constitutes a serious breach of democratic ideals, international law, and human rights,”

Mandates for Vaccinations

According to the report, during the pandemic, coercion was used in “virtually every aspect of Canadians’ lives.” Mandatory workplace vaccinations made even those who had no intention of getting the COVID-19 vaccine take it out of fear of losing their jobs. In addition, the government denied employment insurance to those who lost their jobs due to not getting vaccinated.
Following their testimony, multiple witnesses told the NCI that they felt pressured to take the injection because they might lose their job.

In order to “coerce students to get vaccinated,” a number of educational institutions imposed vaccination requirements, such as preventing unvaccinated students from attending classes. Mandatory vaccinations for both domestic and foreign travel have been imposed by the government.

It was previously announced that “vaccinated people could transmit the COVID-19 virus to other vaccinated people” and that unvaccinated people would not be permitted to sit next to vaccinated people on airplanes.

According to the report, “this inconvenient fact went unacknowledged so that pressure on the unvaccinated could continue.”

Vaccine passes were created to keep people who are not vaccinated from doing anything that is not considered necessary, like going to their kids’ school or using services like movie theaters, restaurants, and fitness centers.

The NCI said, “The message was clear: you must submit to vaccination if you want access to these people/things that you like/love.”

The Canadian federal government implemented vaccine mandates in October 2021 for those working in federally regulated industries, including banking, and for federal public servants. These mandates required proof of vaccination. Those without a valid vaccination record or with a religious or medical exemption were put on unpaid leave.

Additionally, passengers on cruise ships and VIA Rail trains had to present identification as proof of immunization or a negative COVID-19 examination result.

Movie theaters, dining establishments, and sporting venues in Alberta, Canada are required by provincial law to request proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test results from their patrons. British Columbia enforced similar limitations.

Vaccinations “Should Be Stopped Right Away”

The testimony of over 300 laypeople and expert witnesses served as the foundation for the NCI report.

63 government officials, law enforcement officials, and regulators were served subpoenas, but none of them showed up for the hearing to provide testimony.

According to a statement released on Nov. 28, NCI Commissioner and Chairperson Ken Drysdale stated during the hearing that the testimonies “provide irrefutable evidence that an unprecedented assault has been waged against the citizens of Canada.”

“The country has not seen such a devastating attack on its people since World War II,” he declared. “Many public and private organizations, including the judiciary, policing, unions, schools, health care providers, and regulators, have failed Canadians. These organizations and people need to be held accountable as well.

The current use of COVID-19 genetic vaccines in Canada, which were approved under the updated Food and Drug Regulations and the revised provisions of the Interim Order, should end right away, according to the report’s recommendation.
It says that a thorough legal investigation into the authorization procedure used to approve the COVID-19 vaccines must be conducted.

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