CDC Hospital Capacity & Mask Update

Are they overwhelmed? A review of hospital capacity in North America.

BC has 0.00024% of population in ICU.

Ontario has 0.0009% of population in ICU.

Canada has had 0.04% of its population die labelled Covid death.

Let’s look at the USA

You will notice New York & California, two of the most lockdowned states still has some of the highest hospitalization rates in the USA.

The USA average patients per million is 128 or 0.01% of population.

How effective have masks been?

An analysis by the US CDC found that 85% of people infected with Covid reported wearing a mask “always” or “often”. The lower the mask usage the lower infections were. See data below. Source: CDC

Brown doted line is mask usage

As you can see, mask mandates have had ZERO effect on slowing infections/cases in the USA. Science knew this all along, so why did the Government and media tell you to wear them?

We may have a situation but we definitely have no Pandemic. Under no definition of the word “pandemic”, could this word be used to define what is happening here.

We have had the biggest medical marketing campaign ever waged against the worlds population. This campaign has wiped out millions of lives and has already caused millions of starvation deaths with tens of million more to follow in the next couple years.

This is a real pandemic and 100% preventable.

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